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Hi there. Welcome to my Pilates shop — full of ways to join us, and tempting little Pilates snack videos for you to own for yourself and try at home. Click on a picture to see more details, or just scroll down to see everything below.

All these Pilates goodies will give you a sample of Pilates in the JTP Family. I know you will like what you see, and hopefully you’ll be back for more soon…

Jane xx

New For August…

Evening Energising Pilates

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Join us for our regular classes

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Or take advantage of our Pilates Snack Videos

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To buy, just locate the Pilates snack video you'd like below, and click the relevant button. You can pay by credit or debit card, or through your PayPal account if you have one.

As soon as we have received confirmation of your order, we will send you an email with link(s) to the video(s) you’ve bought.

Motivation to Move More — £6
Finding it a bit hard to get yourself exercising and moving? Then this programme is for you!

6 days of 15-minute workouts, coupled with daily healthy living tips, designed to kickstart your motivation. I show you how regular exercise and small changes to your lifestyle will make a difference to how you feel about yourself, how you move, and how you live.

Beginners’ Guide — £10
Want to do Pilates but don’t know how to start?

My Beginners’ Guide teaches you the basics — from how to recruit those deep core muscles, to how to breathe and move all at the same time.

6 videos introducing you to a full body routine with a gradual progression to prepare you for joining regular classes.

5 Days/15 Minutes — £5
5 workouts, 15 minutes of Pilates, each one taking a different start position so you connect your whole body.

Standing, seated, prone, semi-supine, and a little bit on the side, every position brining its own challenge.

These workouts are short and sassy and perfect for those of you short on time, but who want to get the body moving.

10 in 10 — £10
If you only want to spend 10 minutes a day on mobility and stretch this 10 in 10 programme is the answer.

Joseph Pilates believed that ‘10 minutes a day is all you need, but you need to do it every day.’

Everyone can find 10 minutes a day to invest in their wellbeing — this programme gives you that opportunity.

3C’s Programme — £15
My 3C’s programme stands for — Complete Care and Commitment.

Not only are you getting 6 full workouts that focus on each area of the body, but you are getting 6 self-care mindset sessions, 6 dietary advice tips (for the whole year round) and 6 fabulous healthy recipes.

This programme isn’t just about the movement: it’s about making a real connection between mind and body and about how we can make small changes that will have huge benefits to our lifestyle.

Prop workouts — £4 each
Workouts using a specific Pilates prop. Just choose the one you want…

Foam roller


Isotoner ring



Evening Energising Pilates
My Evening Energiser Pilates programme is a complete set of five routines — one for each evening of the programme.

The workouts are mixed — some use handweights, some will be focusing on flexing and stretching, and some will be focusing on your core.

Evening Energiser Pilates programme is free to all JTP family who currently attend online or face-to-face classes (available on the members website)

Non-members can buy my
Evening Energiser Pilates programme as a one off programme for just £5 by clicking the button here.

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