From Dysfunctional to Functional

Biomechanics — and how it can help you

What is Biomechanics? In its broad sense, biomechanics is the study of joints, muscles, bones and nerves of the human body and how it moves in mechanical terms; with the aim of assessing and identifying, then correcting dysfunction.

Where most people meet biomechanics is when they see a Biomechanics Coach — like us — who can carry out an intrinsic Biomechanics Screening (see later) to locate and correct problem areas that typically cause pain and discomfort.

What isn't Biomechanics? It's important to realise that the Biomechanics Coach does not treat pain or other symptoms directly — there is no magic fix, pill, manipulation, or massage! (This immediately differentiates Biomechanics and the Biomechanics Coach from other health professions.) Instead the Biomechanics Coach works with you — using a short (typically 6 week or so) course of corrective, stabilising, and strengthening exercises — to locate and correct the cause of pain and discomfort. The course teaches you what you need to do to manage your dysfunction, so you are in control. The Biomechanics process goes through three main phases:

1 identification and correction — the normalisation phase
2 training the core muscles to stabilise the body — the stabilisation phase
3 development of your personal corrective exercise programme to maintain correct function — the functionalisation phase.

Normalise — Stabilise — Functionalise

What is a Biomechanics Screening?

The Biomechanics Screening process incorporates multiple specific tasks and movements that allow the Biomechanics Coach to:

1 Locate the exact dysfunction causing the problem
2 Prescribe corrective and strengthening exercises to normalise the dysfunction and stabilise the area to safeguard against relapse
3 Empower the client with the skills to maintain proper and normal functionalisation.
What is iMoveFreely™?

iMoveFreely™ is the public face of the Biomechanics Coach, representing an easy-to-understand metaphor for the complex world of intrinsic biomechanics. The terms Biomechanics and iMoveFreely™ can be used — and often are used — interchangeably.

Best of all, the iMoveFreely™ logo is a trade-marked logo, usable only by qualified Biomechanics personnel. It is therefore a guarantee of quality.


Why is this better than seeing a therapist or doctor?
Biomechanics/iMoveFreely™ is not intended to be a replacement or a substitute for any medical diagnosis or treatment, but it works well in conjunction with healthcare professionals, especially if they are not skilled at prescribing exercises. In fact, we always recommend seeing a medical practitioner for any pain or discomfort.

How do I know if this will help me?
Generally the more of the Biomechanical Screening tests you fail, the more mechanical problems you will have — all of which could be contributing to your pain: and so it is more likely that Biomechanics/iMoveFreely™ can help you.

How will it give a diagnosis?
Biomechanics Screening will not give you a diagnosis. However, it has been shown that by helping the mechanical causes of your pain, the pressure can be reduced from the structure giving you the pain, and so reduce your pain by relieving the pressure on the injured structure.

How do I know if this is doing me any good?
If you are following a Biomechanics/iMoveFreely™ programme to reduce the risk of injury, then you’ll notice that the results of the Biomechanics Screening tests will be improving on your regular returns. If, however, you are doing the Biomechanics/iMoveFreely™ programme to help with discomfort, you’ll also notice a reduction in your pain after some time.

Do I need to see a doctor before I use it?
It is not always necessary to see a doctor before following a Biomechanics/iMoveFreely™ programme. However, we do recommend you seek medical opinion for any pain or discomfort.

Will it help with other activities too?
Yes. If you have come to us because you have pain and discomfort at work, then — once you are mechanically more efficient and able to move more freely — your sports and recreational activities will be less likely to be troublesome too. Likewise, if you have come to us because your sport activities are compromised, then you may well notice an improvement in other areas of your life. Biomechanics/iMoveFreely™ can change many parts of your life.

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