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Welcome to the Jane Thomas Pilates website

Welcome to the Jane Thomas Pilates website. Here you will find information on us, everything you need to know about us, and — sometimes (keep checking back) — even some simple Pilates exercises you can try yourself at home.

Pilates (pronounced pill-AH-teez) is in fact one of the best exercise formats you can follow — whatever your fitness level, and whatever your age — from 18 to 80+. Pilates is a multi-muscle training technique which — when done correctly — can increase strength, flexibility and mobility.

It was designed around 90 years ago to support general daily activities so is suitable for people who do not otherwise train. On the other hand, the more active also find it highly beneficial as a cross-training technique. Look under the Pilates tab, to see the Pilates history.

Our Aim — Why Do We Do It?
Freedom for you: freedom from aches, pains and injuries; freedom of movement; freedom to live an active happy lifestyle.

How Do We Do It?

By focussing on individual needs, we show you how to build your strength from the inside out. Our team of Instructors will work with you to improve mobility, posture, and flexibility.

What Do We Offer?
1 Small-group Pilates matwork face-to-face community classes in a venue near you. During Covid lockdown these were suspended, but a small number of face-to-face classes are restarting in selected Covid-Secure venues. Information about these classes, space availability, and booking is available if you click or tap here. After these flagship face-to-face classes, we hope to restart more classes soon.

2 Online Pilates classes anywhere and everywhere in the world — served from our sister website —you can have have a FREE 4-week Membership of our online Pilates community. Click or tap here for more information and to enrol on your FREE 4-Week Membership.

Our Money-Back Guarantee
We know that what we offer our clients is the best Pilates experience available. We stand by that with our money-back guarantee — try us for two classes, and if you don't agree that we offer the best classes, the best value-for-money, and — quite simply — the best possible Pilates you can get, then we will refund all your money. No nonsense, no quibble, no fuss!

Online classes
Our latest introduction is complete online Live Pilates classes, with a timetable of around six Live broadcast classes a week. These are available for just £20 a month on our Monthly Payment Plan. You can join as many Live classes as you want, and all classes are also available after the class to watch in your own time.

Online Live classes are either in FaceTime Live format (you’ll need to be on Facebook to view these live), or on Zoom (so you need to have the Zoom software on your device to watch these live —
instructions here).

The recordings of all these Live classes however, are available in standard video format once you’re a member.

Our online Pilates classes are so popular that we have created a new website called JTP Zone, to hold all details about Live and recorded classes specifically for our online clients. For potential new online clients however, the website also explains how our online Pilates classes work, and how to join. You’ll find
the new website by clicking or tapping here.

One-to-one Sessions, Reformers, Biomechanics
If you are looking for individual matwork Pilates sessions, or want to work on Pilates Reformers or require Biomechanics sessions, we can advise. Our one-to-one sessions are in our exclusive Covid-secure Pilates Studio Pod. This is a wonderful and comfortable, sterile environment, where your personal Pilates training sessions are taken at days/times mutually convenient to you and your Pilates Coach. Click or tap here for more information and to let us know what you are looking for.

Jane Thomas Pilates — the best possible Pilates experience — guaranteed!


What is Pilates?

Pilates is an exercise technique that was invented for injured dancers nearly a century ago by ex-carpenter and gymnast Joseph Pilates. He devised the exercise programme in the 1920s based on 34 original movements. As such, Joseph Pilates was the first person in the west to promote a holistic approach to exercise — his philosophy was that our lifestyle is chiefly responsible for our body’s ills, and are reflected in our posture and movement.

Is all Pilates all the same?
In short — no! Well, not now anyway.

Upto the year 2000 however, Pilates
was the same wherever it was practised. Pilates prior to that date had been quite fixed. Joseph Pilates had defined the method quite precisely, and even trademarked it to protect his rights. He controlled how it was taught, by making sure his team of Pilates Instructors only taught new Pilates Instructors in the exact same manner. There was a hierarchy of Instructors, and they strictly maintained the trademarked method worldwide. Our very own Jane, for example, was trained by an Instructor who had been trained by one of Joseph's original Instructors. For want of a better term, the original Joseph Pilates method is often called Classical Pilates.

In 2000, Pilates had grown phenomenally worldwide. Joseph was long gone, and Pilates was straining at the seams. A court case defined that Pilates could no longer be trademarked and from then on could be classified simply as a generic exercise method — similar to
aspirin, which used to be a trademarked term referring to the drug asetylsalicylic acid, but is now used whether made by the original trademarking company or not.

This had two results:

1 First, training organisations other than those original hierarchy of Pilates Instructors could teach new people to teach Pilates. As well as the existing Pilates Institute and similar organisations, many new organisations were created to train aspiring Pilates Instructors — Modern Pilates, Stott Pilates, Fitness Pilates — all adding their own take on traditional classical Pilates
2 Second, and a little worryingly, anyone — trained or untrained — can call themselves a Pilates teacher.

In general, Pilates Instructors trained prior to 2000 will all be classical Pilates Instructors. Instructors trained after this time could be trained classically, or otherwise, or indeed have little or no training at all.

This has since left a bit of a minefield when it comes to choosing a Pilates Instructor. What sort of Pilates will it be? How well has the Instructor been trained? And even, how safe will the exercise class be? The answers are that you should check what type of Pilates you will get, you should be certain that type of Pilates is what you want, and — for your safety — you should check that the Instructor has been trained with an accredited training organisation.

And, just for the record, as well being Pilates Coaches, we also
ARE an accredited training organisation — we train Pilates Coaches, our own as well as others. People come to us for their high-quality Pilates training, so we can formally guarantee that all our Pilates Coaches (we call them Coaches rather than mere Instructors to show the high-quality we demand on our Pilates training courses) are of the very best ability you can possibly find, anywhere worldwide.

What we offer
All of our Pilates Coaches have been properly trained with accredited training organisations — either ourselves, or before that with others — so they do know their stuff, and they all teach Pilates both safely and correctly. We also restrict our group matwork class size — to an average of 12–14 participants — for reasons of safety and correct tuition.

Currently we offer classical Pilates through a dedicated team of Pilates Coaches.

Classical Pilates (aka Clinical Pilates)
Classical Pilates is the original Pilates adhering to the Joseph Pilates principles, available for everyone — though also suited as a rehabilitation exercise to anyone with any medical or health concerns — which is why it is sometimes referred to as Clinical Pilates. It is the most precise method of doing Pilates, adhering to Joseph's original principles of preciseness and control of movement. This is also the type of Pilates you need if you have been referred by a health professional such as a doctor, a physiotherapist, an osteopath, or a chiropractor.

What we offer is, we believe, the best Pilates instruction available. We stand by that, and we guarantee what we do.

Why are we so committed to what we do? Well, we think different about exercise; our whole philosophy is based upon Pilates and the beneficial effects it can give; and we know that when people try us, they stick with us.

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What does Pilates do?
Pilates teaches you to hold your posture correctly. It helps to balance the torso and trains core stability by building abdominal, pelvic and back strength. Many medical experts believe when the spine is in alignment and supported properly by strong abdominal muscles, the involuntary functions of the body such as breathing, heartbeat, digestion, elimination of waste and psychological health are all improved. Breathing is a large part of Pilates, teaching you to protect the spine through correct breathing — which in turn helps to increase energy.

Properly executed, all Pilates exercises are performed with precision and control, not only developing greater strength but reducing the risk of injury. Every exercise is a thought process, which teaches us to become more aware of what we unconsciously do with our bodies. This allows us to develop the areas that need special attention and readdress the balance.

Pilates moves are designed to work your powerhouse muscles — abdominals, lower back, thighs, and buttocks; what we call the core. The result is a body better aligned and at less risk of injury. Practising such exercises on a regular basis can also help you move more freely and gracefully.

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Pilates and sport
Over the last few years Pilates has revolutionised sports science and is being used to enhance sports performance. During sport, repeated movement means that certain muscles are being overused and the delicate balance can be upset: hips, neck, knees, shoulders and lumbar spine are the most vulnerable. Pilates can help restore the body's balance — realigning the body and encouraging natural movement, so enhancing performance.

We have worked with Olympic athletes and other top sports people, achieving some brilliant results.

Pilates and injury
Pilates works within the boundaries of symmetry so it is an ideal exercise format for those who suffer from mild pain, arthritis, osteoporosis and other conditions that affect muscles, bones and joints — all without risk of further pain or injury. It is said that Pilates speeds recovery from injury or surgery by improving mobility, posture, strength and coordination. Pilates provides a new approach to exercise where its participants feel lighter, appear to be more toned, stronger, and more active. In fact, most participants say that Pilates makes them more aware of their posture throughout their daily routine. They feel more relaxed and energised.

Another of our specialities is Biomechanics. We have also coupled Pilates exercises with Biomechanics, for many of our clients who have suffered pain, injury, and long-term discomfort, to achieve some life-changing results.

Overall, Pilates — correctly instructed and practised — increases strength, flexibility and endurance. It improves posture, alignment, co-ordination and balance without bulking up your muscles.

Pilates is ideal for most of us and for all ages — from absolute beginner through fitness enthusiast to Olympic athlete!

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Joseph and his wife Clara

Our Team

An introduction to the Jane Thomas Pilates Team

A Message From Jane
We have gathered an absolutely amazing team around us here in the Jane Thomas Pilates family. The qualifications and expertise we have — and share between ourselves collectively — are truly staggering in breadth and depth. I am so proud of them all, and I am so happy that we can share all this experience with you, our clients.

Whether you come to a group matwork class — in a venue near you — or come to the Pilates Studio Pod for one-to-one Matwork or Reformer sessions, I hope you take full advantage of the JTP Team, our expertise, and what we all have to offer you. We exist because of you, and everything we do is all for your benefit.

Jane xx

Jane qualified as a Pilates Coach in 1999, started to teach in local gyms, leisure centres and community colleges, and then in 2003 opened her own specialist Pilates Studio. The Studio meant she could combine group matwork classes with more specific one-to-one training. She also introduced the Pilates Reformer to her clients.

Jane is a Level 3 Coach in the Pilates Matwork Programme, and through CPD has studied the Pilates Reformer, Wunda Chair and the Tower. She is also a Biomechanics Coach, a Back on Track Lower Back Pain Specialist, a BeActivated Coach, and a Pelvic Floor Health Specialist Pilates Coach.

Jane was one of the first Pilates Coaches in the East Midlands, and since then has mentored many other teachers in the area, and from 2016 became a training provider for the YMCA Awards for their Level 3 Pilates Matwork Diploma.
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Jane has enjoyed working with Derby County Football Club, being their Pilates specialist for 3 seasons. She has also worked with Olympic athletes and elite sportsmen and women throughout her career. But her favourite thing is watching people grow in confidence as they get their bodies moving with Pilates practice and feeling different about their bodies.

Her aim all those years ago was to make Pilates accessible to as many people as she could, with a level of care that made everyone who joined her sessions feel like individuals, and special.


Jenny comes to us from a fitness perspective, having been in the fitness industry for over 27 years.

She has travelled the world teaching fitness, and — for many years — owned and ran her own Personal Training business in Dubai.

Since coming back home to the UK, Jenny has spent some time looking at the fitness industry here, and has made the move to specialise in Pilates with us here.

Along with Jane, Jenny is a Biomechanics Coach.

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Often described as the core of the Team (just bringing a Pilates analogy in there...) Keith is the
Jane Thomas Pilates Senior Administration Executive. Yes, well, mmm...

Anyway, if you email us, chances are Keith is the person you'll likely get a reply from as — along with making coffee, washing up, booking appointments and such like — emailing is his main job. Well, there's more to it than just that. Keith takes care of the very website you're reading now, for example.

Qualifications? Keith has good O-level results in Metalwork and Technical Drawing, passed his driving test first try, and (as you can see from the photo) likes dodgy backstreet West End musicals...

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Face-to-Face Matwork Classes

Pilates Matwork Classes

Our Matwork Pilates Classes
Prior to Covid-19 lockdown we ran over 30 face-to-face matwork Pilates classes in venues around the local area. Covid-19 changed all that of course, and we are now in the process of rebuilding our timetable, restarting classes when and where we can. However, this process depends on many things… the venues themselves (and how they are managing a Covid-19 Secure environment), the numbers of participants who want to return to face-to-face classes, and our own Coaches’ availability, and not the least the current Government Covid-19 guidelines, so it is taking time to juggle these to rebuild the timetable.

Note: In the meantime, we now run online Pilates classes (which actually many of our clients prefer). These are run from our new website — click or tap here to get more information about these, how they work, and how to join us online.

Rebuilding our face-to-face matwork Pilates class timetable will be a slow process over the coming months and years, restarting classes in a step-by-step way, but we will update everyone via our weekly Newsletter. If you haven’t already subscribed to the Newsletter, please do. It’s free, and comes out once a week. Just enter your details in the box near the top of the page.

We are committed to guaranteeing our clients the best possible Pilates experience, and our small-group matwork class size is just one aspect of this. Our average group classes are of around 10 participants, which we know is the only way of making sure our Pilates Coaches are able to see everyone in the group throughout the class. We do not believe that correct Pilates can be attempted in classes much large than this.

Our current face-to-face matwork Pilates classes run on the following days and times, and are in the venues listed here below. We aim to restart more face-to-face classes, in more of our venues soon, and ask you to please be patient if you are looking to re-start in a face-to-face matwork class with us. We are slowly rebuilding our business.

At the time of writing, there are no spaces left in the current block of face-to-face Pilates matwork classes. This may change, and a new block will start after the xmas break. For more information, and to enquire about up-to-date spaces and the possibility of enrolling in one of these classes, ask using the contact form here.

Face-to-Face Matwork Pilates Class Timetable

Quorn Village Hall 9.30am

Rosebery Street Medical Centre, Loughborough 9.30am, 10.45am, 6pm, 7.15pm

Rempstone Village Hall 6.15pm, 7.30pm

Old Woodhouse Community Hall
9.15am, 10.30am
Rempstone Village Hall

Online Classes
Please try our online Pilates classes. You can read about them — and have a FREE 2-Week membership — if you click or tap here.

Beginners Classes
For the current time post-Covid-19, all our Beginners Classes are being run online. We absolutely know that you cannot get a better way to start Pilates than this. We have two entry points for Beginners — our Absolute Beginners Course, and our Live Beginners Courses Click the Beginners tab above for more information about beginning Pilates with us.

Frequently asked questions about our Pilates classes

What should I wear?

Basically, any loose-fitting clothes — just wear leggings, fitness shorts or tracksuit type trousers with a loose waist and a t-shirt. Please wear socks — and no trainers or shoes. Avoid belts, and clothes with buckles and zips, or made out of rigid material such as denim, as they can restrict movement and make stretching difficult — they can also make lying down very uncomfortable.

What should I bring to the class?

You must bring your own fitness mat — you will not be allowed to exercise without it.

I'm pregnant. Can I join a Pilates class?

Pilates is an excellent form of exercise with many advantages for your health if the pregnancy is progressing normally with no history of miscarriage and you have exercises previously with us. There are just certain moves which will need a little adaptation for you in order to ensure your comfort and the comfort of your baby plus some that are inadvisable as the pregnancy progresses. It is important that you are aware of the adaptations before joining a general class as we may not always be able to alert you to them every time in a whole class situation. If you have not been exercising with us prior to your pregnancy contact us here for further information.

I suffer with bad back pain. Can Pilates help?

Many people find Pilates extremely helpful for back pain as it does encourage the muscles that support the spine to work effectively. Pilates is, however, an exercise programme not a medical treatment. Do take advice from a medical professional as to whether Pilates would be suitable for you.

I'm quite fit. Will Pilates benefit me at all?

Oh yes! Pilates improves the function of the core muscles, helps to tone the body, increases flexibility and is an aid to good posture. So, if you already workout regularly, adding some Pilates exercise to your routine provides better balance for the body as you work every muscle on each side evenly. It is therefore perfect as a cross training technique.

How many sessions do I need?

How long is a piece of string? Your objectives and reasons for wanting to do Pilates depend so much on your level of fitness, agility, and inclination. A thorough assessment of your requirements will be made on your first visit. For those who have been referred by an osteopath/physiotherapist, it is highly recommended that you have a private session during which a more thorough assessment can be made.

What happens during an assessment?

Your instructor will enquire about any existing medical conditions or injuries as well as why you want to take up Pilates.

Inclement Weather Policy

Please be aware that wherever possible we will continue to run ALL classes whatever the weather — provided it is safe to do so — but sometimes due to snow and ice we are sadly forced to cancel. Fortunately, however, this hasn’t happened very often in all the years we have been teaching.

If we do have to cancel a class, then — time permitting — we will send an email out to everyone on our newsletter database (so please take the time to ensure you have given us your email recently). 

If you haven’t heard from us and want to check if a particular class is running, then please either email, text or call. Thank you.

If we do have a bad winter and have to cancel a few classes, then we will ensure there is still a way for you to exercise via our online workouts. This is a great way to keep exercising and keep spirits up when disruption is caused! 

If we ARE forced to cancel a class due to inclement weather, sadly we still have to pay for the hall hire. Therefore, no refunds will be made to class participants. We will, however, try to add another week or night onto the course, but this may not be possible so is not guaranteed. For logistical reasons with the halls we hire, this may also be on a different day and time to the original course, and may even be in a different hall.

We will also try as an alternative to provide a session for you to do at home via email. Again, however, this is not guaranteed.  

Thank you for taking the time to read and understand our Inclement Weather Policy. Please be assured we will always try our very best to provide a class or a session for you to follow if we are forced to cancel at any time due to bad weather conditions.  


The information found within this site is for general information only and should not be treated as a substitute for medical advice from your own doctor or any other health care professional. You are welcome to use this information, but you are also reminded that Jane Thomas Pilates or any one of our staff is not responsible or liable for any injuries occurred by performing any of the exercises given or diagnosis made by a user based on the information shown within this web site. Always consult your own GP, if you're in any way concerned about your health or anything associated with it.

Online Classes

Online Pilates Classes

Our Online Pilates Classes

Our online classes are available on our sister website — the There’s a wealth of Pilates there:

6 Live classes a week, broadcast on various days and times
Hundreds of Recorded classes, available on demand, 24/7
Modifications of exercises — useful if you have issues
Techniques — take your knowledge of Pilates techniques further
Online Tutorials
Pop-Up Prop classes — complete classes using small equipment: hand weights, rollers, small balls, Swiss balls etc

And much, much more — all with unlimited access, as often as you want, at any time of day or night! We think — at £20 a month — that our online classes represent truly exceptional value for money.
But don’t just take our word for it. You can read more about them — and even have a
FREE 2-Week Membership of the to see for yourself — if you click or tap here.

Beginners Start HERE!

Beginning Pilates

Our Absolute Beginners Courses and Live Beginners Courses are the absolutely best way you can start Pilates


You wouldn't start to drive a car without taking lessons first, would you? Imagine if the world was full of cars with untrained drivers...

Pilates is no different. We make no secret of the fact that over the years we have met many people who say they do a Pilates class, yet have no idea of even the most basic Pilates principles. Quite apart from the fact that they would not be realising the benefits Pilates should have brought them, we believe this is a waste of their time and their money. We are committed to making sure this does not happen with our clients — and that's why we run our brilliant online
Absolute Beginners Course, along with occasional Live Beginners Courses.

Absolute Beginners Courses

Our Absolute Beginners Course is a six class course, which you can do do as fast or as as slow as you want.

The course is quite intensive, in that it goes from Zero to Hero in just the six classes. The videos of the classes are progressive, building up with each class, so that you learn all the Pilates principles to a proficient level — ideal before you move on to a regular class. Or, if you feel more comfortable, you can join another
Absolute Beginners Course, or even an occasional Live Beginners Course immediately following.

We have three main advantages when it comes to our Absolute Beginners Pilates Courses, that nobody else offers you:

1 We are Pilates specialists!
2 Each Absolute Beginners Course is accompanied by a FREE highly illustrated and descriptive book and book
3 Each Absolute Beginners Course is accompanied by a whole set of FREE online videos, allied to the book — one video for each week’s class

Now let us explain in detail. We are Pilates specialists — Pilates'R'Us — Pilates is our raison d’etre, it’s why we get up in the morning, it’s why we exist, it’s what we do! We don't do aerobics, we don't do kettle bells, we don't do spin, we don't do any other fitness training. We just do Pilates.

Our Absolute Beginners Pilates Courses are accompanied by a FREE highly illustrated and descriptive book, explaining in detail the exercises and stretches of each week’s class, so you can read about what you have learned in class and practise at home. You can even see a sample of the book here.

The book is 52 pages long, and is full colour, fully illustrated and describes each of the six
Absolute Beginners Course classes fully.

Each Absolute Beginners Course is accompanied by a whole set of online videos, allied to the course — one video for each class — so that you can view the exercises and stretches of each class at home, at your friend’s house, on holiday — anywhere you have internet access, and whenever you want.

You can watch the video for each class any number of times, so that you can practise the class as often as you want, until you are ready for the next class.

There's a short sample of one of the videos for you to view here — it corresponds to page 11 of the sample course book you can see above.

Everything is coordinated so that you have a structured, progressive Pilates programme...

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We are confident that what we offer you as a beginner in our Absolute Beginners Course is the absolute best, and the most economical programme you can have for starting Pilates. And it is a complete programme! All our courses, including Absolute Beginners, and our regular classes, are structured and planned so that you have continuous and steady improvement in Pilates throughout your Pilates experience with us — something you simply cannot get in a large group class, anywhere else, with anyone else.

Absolute Beginners Course costs £60. However, due to Covid, this is not currently available face-to-face. Instead, we have taken our Absolute Beginners Course online — for more information, and details of how to book click or tap here.

You cannot lose. You can only benefit from the freedom and mobility that Pilates can give you.

Live Beginners Courses

Our alternative Beginners entry point is formed with our Live Beginners Courses. As the name suggests, these are broadcast Live, which means that — even though online — Jane is able to guide everyone individually throughout the classes. We use Zoom, which means that Jane can see you while you do the exercises, and can adjust and modify movements — just as she would in a face-to-face class — to make sure you get the very best out of your Pilates as you learn.

Live Beginners Courses are run occasionally, depending on demand. They are formed by a series of three, weekly Live classes at a scheduled time, highly restricted in the number of participants. Being Live broadcasts, Jane can personalise the exercises to suit everyone, individually, on the Course. The three classes of the Live Beginners Course progress gently and logically, from basics through to the point where you can go straight on to join a regular class, or (if you prefer to take things a little slower) a second Live Beginners Course, or even an Absolute Beginners Course (see above).

Our Live Beginners Courses cost £50. For more information, and details of when the next Live Beginners Course is, and how to book, just click or tap here.

Remember… you cannot lose. You can only benefit from the freedom and mobility that Pilates can give you.

Absolute Beginners Courses & Live Beginners Courses
You will not find a better way to start Pilates — guaranteed!

Contact Us

Contacting us

best way to contact us is by using our Contact Form here.

Alternatively, our mobile number is 0777 801 9765. If we are teaching though, we will not be able to answer.

Reformers At Home

Do you have a home Reformer? But after the initial flush of exercising with it do you still use it? We’ve heard from many of you do have a Reformer and… No, you don’t use it anymore — simply because you’ve run out of things to do on it.

JTP Reformers At Home method could be what you’re looking for. We have weekly workouts and special activity workouts for you — all developed with home Reformers in mind.

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So… dust off your home Reformer and checkout the JTP Reformers At Home method. Bring Pilates Reformer into your home life.

Click or tap here for all the details…

One-to-One Sessions

One-to-One Sessions

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Run from our super new, sterile, and fully Covid-Secure Pilates Garden Studio, you can now book face-to-face — or online — one-to-one sessions for Matwork Pilates and Reformer Pilates.

Sessions are one hour long, and cost just £50. Book your slot here.

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